4 ways to get more from your organisation's values statement


Posted by Carolyn Taylor - 09 April, 2014


Almost every organisation has some statement of what they stand for: values, a credo, principles, or behaviours. But most leaders operate in a world where a corporate statement can mean very little. For both leaders and their people, the values have simply gotten tired.

4 ways to get more from your organisation's values statement

As a leader, what can you do about that?

Rather than try and redesign the values statement, my advice would be to focus on your own relationship with values.

1. FOCUS ON BEING VALUES-LED Being values-led is much more important than adhering to one particular value or another. It means taking decisions and behaving in ways which sometimes make you take a risk. Why? Because something you believe in is more important than short term benefits, such as being popular or having a quick financial gain. Yes, it requires courage, but if you and your team can work on that, you'll find people start perceiving you as an organisation which adheres to its values.

2. FRONT UP when you don't hit the standard which builds trust, even on occasions where you're not walking the talk. Take a look at the CEO of Luftansa doing just that in the midst of a strike. This one requires courage too.

3. FIND ONE VALUE YOU LOVE AND WORK THAT ONE HARD Your legacy as a leader can be built on just one value. Teamwork. Customer-Centric. Accountable. Each one of those is an admirable pursuit.

4. REFER TO THE VALUES as often as you can. Their inspiration will come not from the words, but from your passion about their sentiment. When you reference a corporate value in relation to a particular decision or behaviour, you are educating others in the vast depth of interpretation which no single values statement can ever achieve. The actual words then become a shorthand for something much more purposeful.

It's easy to blame your organisation for not living up to their values. But remember: there's lots you can do to make them come alive. For yourself, and for your people.


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