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2015's culture trends as we saw them

[fa icon="calendar"] 31-Dec-2015 11:27:23 / by Carolyn Taylor

During 2015, we’ve found an increased interest in culture among companies.

Those who are motivated to work on their culture in order to achieve future visions have been joined by those who are motivated by protecting their reputations. A result, perhaps, of the latest round of high-profile, culture-driven scandals (see VW). 

2015 trends forecasts

At Walking the Talk, we still find that the desire to align behaviour to an aspirational set of business imperatives is the best place from which to start a culture journey

Other trends we've noticed include an increasing interest in focusing on behaviour. Especially a few specific behaviours that will make the biggest difference for performance, rather than a broad brushstroke ‘lets get better at everything’ approach.

We are finally encountering greater recognition of the fact that culture and engagement are not the same thing, and that good engagement is not automatically going to produce the culture that you need. Still, both need attention and both need measuring.

We’ve had some wonderful experiences at Walking the Talk this year. Our clients have been willing - with much personal courage - to look in the mirror and recognize what is needed to be able to walk their talk. We’ve been grateful for the opportunity to walk beside them on this journey, and we look forward to more of the same next year.

Wishing clients, consultants and connections a happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.



Carolyn Taylor Culture change consultant


Carolyn is the CEO of Walking the Talk and author of 'Walking the Talk: Building a Culture for Success' (Random House).
Twitter @walkingourtalk or LinkedIn.



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